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BD a preto e Branco - Histórias curtas: O Passageiro do Navio Fantasma - BD en noir et blanc - Histoires courtes: Le passager du Navire Fantôme - Short Stories: The Ghost Ship Passenger

O Passageiro do Navio Fantasma 
Le Passager du Navire Fantôme - The Ghost Ship Passenger

Desenhado em 1983 e publicado na revista «Mundo de Aventuras» nº 527 a 14/6/1984

Dessiné en 1983 et publié dans la revue portugaise «Monde d'Aventures» nº 527 le 14/6/1984

Drawn in 1983 and published in the portuguese magazine «World of Adventures» 527th at 14/6/1984

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  1. I'm sp thrilled to have found this tonight! I've been looking for this story for over a year, ever since accidentally running across "The Purloined Letter" earlier.

    I've been working on a massive Edgar Allan Poe blog project for a year-and-a-half now, attempting to collect in one place every Poe comics adaptation I can find. I currently have no less than 6 different versions of "Manscript Found In A Bottle" at my blog, and have been wanting to add this one as well.